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Current Projects:

  • Joe Bessey "Busch North" Pontiac Grand Prix - For Historic Stock Car Racing with the HSR/SVRA   
  • Jeff Gordon's Pepsi "Busch" Car - Used in the famous Jeff Gordon/Halley Isenberg TV Commercial 
  • Rusty Wallace Penske Ford T-bird -  Convereting to Road Course Specs. for Historic Stock Car Racing    
  • Panoz GT Car - GT-RA being upgraded to GTS Specs. for SCCA GT-2 Class Comptetition
  • Datsun 510 SCCA ITC car - Converting to Vintage class Enduro car
  • Datsun 510 - Building from scratch to comptere in Vintage Racing as a replica of the BRE 2.5 Trans-Am cars
  • Opel Manta - Former SCCA GT-3 car TBD whether it will be converted to GTL specs. or Vintage
  • UO Formula Vee - Currently being restored for Vintage Racing
  • FSAE Car - Reassembly of a 1993 Formula SAE car
  • Kiki Formula 5000 -Ground up restoration of the only Canadian built Formula 5000 

Additional projects are welcome!  From ground up builds to basic race or collectible car maintenance.  No job is too big, or small.  We have an extensive network of skilled fabricators and craftsmen to accomplish most any task.


For Sale:  Joe Bessey's 1994 Delco Remy Pontiac Grand Prix Busch North Race Car

  • Currently set up in Road Course configuration for Historic Stock Car Series.
  • Originally won at Louden NH and Joe also won at Watkins Glen in 1995.
  • One of the few cars left with the infamous 500+hp Stage II Buick V-6!

    See "For Sale" page or click on the picture for addional specs. and price.

For Sale:  Jeff Gordon's 1999 Pepsi Monte Carlo SS  Busch Series Race Car
(as used in Pepsi's "Joy of Cola" TV Commercial)

  • Speedway body
  • The car was a Gordon-Evernham Motorsports (GEM) team car for Jeff Gordon and Ricky Hendrick.
  • See "For Sale" page or click on the picture for addional specs. and price.

    Rusty Wallace's 1997 Miller Lite Nascar Winston Cup Thunderbird

    • The very last of the T-Birds before the change over to the Taurus.
    • Built for Michigan International Speedway
    • Currently being converted to Road Course specifications for the Historic Stock Car Series

    2000 Panoz GT-RA Presented in the Livery of Panoz's 2006 LeMans 24 Hours Race Winner

    • Former Panoz Racing School Car
    • Picked from the latest "Texas Batch" of cars.
    • Currently fitted with its standard fuel injected 5.0 V-8 w/GT40 heads
    • Campaining in SCCA GT-2 races and track day events.
    • Beautifully restored and a real crowd pleaser with the Panoz LeMans Winner's paint and graphics.

    1971 Datsun PL510 SCCA ITC Car

    • Previously campainged in SCCA SARRC and ECR races.
    • Currently being freshened for Vintage Racing and VIntage Enduros.

    1975 Opel Manta GT-3 Racer

    • Former SCCA Solo 1 competitor
    • Last year of the German Opels in the US
    • Currently being evaluated for SCCA GTL competition or possibly Vintage Competition.


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